Everyday's a Fashion Show – Make Your Life a Runway

With each and every day, there is an increasing need to update and evolve our own traits, interests and routines. Whether you are a student or a professional who is at her job every day, there are only two things you can constantly maintain – your attitude and your fashion sense. Thankfully, these two go hand in hand. There are some things that need to be kept in mind such as the time, the colors that match your skin tone, the fittings and the temperament you are in – other than that, all the outfits that you want to purchase and wear can be easily enhanced. Here are some of the most basic, yet effective, things every girl should consider when underlining her individual style.

Visualise it, and make it happen
The best place to initiate the idea of your personal style preference is inside your own head. We all have an idea of how we should look and what indications our attire should emanate. Once you have this idea settled in your mind, find a way to collect pictures of apparel looks that look similar to this idea. Be it cutting pictures from a magazine, or creating an elaborate vision board to get the right look – don’t compromise on putting in that extra effort in order to get an accurate visual depiction of the types of looks that you desire.

You will likely start to identify a pattern of the things that you do and don’t like. Another easy way of having ideas and representing them in a visual form is to use digital platforms such as Pinterest or Tumblr to create your own fashion motivation panel.

Name your looks; give an identity to your style
Closely analyze the inspiring collection you have fashioned, either in physical form or digitally and give each look and style its own unique name. Make sure to name them on the basis of:

  • The feeling that the outfits emanate
  • The moods which the outfit colors bring out
  • The vibe and range of style it offers
Closely analyze the specific words that you choose to complement each style. Choices matter. Words matter.

Analyze your wardrobe
Now that you have clearly defined the types of personal fashion styles that you want to pursue, analyze the current items in your wardrobe that you like. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you own a group of clothes in two or three colors that you keep repeating?
  • Is there a particular outfit you simply cannot live without?
  • Which outfits fetch you the most compliments?
Instead of simply buying everything on your dream look, find a way to complement the clothes that you already own and love.

Dressing classy is not a matter of budget; it’s a matter of taste. Your fashion is all about you. By following these simple tips, you can define your own fashion. Make everyday a fashion show and your daily life a runway.