The great SUV and crossover motoring explosion

It could be said that the motoring world is in the middle of a high volume sales explosion, fused by 2017 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Crossovers! Increasingly, for many new and existing buyers, this brand-segment of vehicle has fast become the answer to meeting personal and business needs across a wide and varied market spectrum.  

Success breeding challenges
There has now been created the everyday need for cargo conveyance in all its forms, which when matched with convenient practicality and utility have contributed towards making the Sports Utility Vehicles and crossovers the fastest expanding market segment worldwide. However, this success has, in turn, created challenges for design engineers; to make their brand even more appealing with more advanced technology. 

Is the consumer spoilt for choice?
The 2017 motoring year could be remembered as the year of choice in abundance for the SUV-crossover consumers. From off-road, on-road, 4-wheel and all-wheel drives and extreme styled sub-compact crossovers to the super-luxury SUV segment, it’s all there on offer, and a lot more. 

Every auto manufacturer has been dragged, willing or not, into this SUV crossover fray, including Porsche and Mercedes, demonstrating the powerful influences associated with consumer demands. Porsche enter the competition with a GTS version of the 2017 Macan SUV compact, with the promise of more power and an upgraded chassis, and brakes for a sporty driving experience in what could be described as a luxurious, but at the same time, a practical package. At the same time representing the seven-seat SUV segment in the European premium marketplace, is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Extravagance or progress?
Revamping, upgrading, and re-designing seem to be an integral part of the race to satisfy and attract the demanding consumers. Having become used to their motoring desires being catered for, they are now making the most of this new and highly satisfying motorized benevolence from the auto manufacturers. No manufacturer appears to be absolved from this wild splurge of SUV and crossover extravagance.   

From the upmarket luxurious branded SUVs this trend towards abundance is also seen throughout the entire SUV segment. For consumers, it could now be their time of opportunity. With the advent of the electric powered and self-drive motoring experiences, the pressure on auto-manufacturers could be said to have created a change in the balance of power, which has literally placed consumers in the driving seat!