Transform Your Look – Living in Your Own Style

They say that if a man dresses poorly, people remember the outfit that he was wearing. But if a man dresses in a classy manner, they remember the man. Class and fashion is not a matter of trends. Hence trying to keep up with modern styles and trends is not enough. An outfit isn’t complete if the person in the outfit doesn’t feel at home while wearing it. With that being said, staying true to one's own style is not always easy. For instance, a person who loves bright colors, should never be afraid to wear bright colors, but there are some things that need to be kept in mind:

Seasons and months matter
Monthly fashion trends can get very over the top, but don’t let that make you think that you can’t have your own seasonal approach towards fashion. While shopping, it is always important to keep in mind the season for which the clothes are being bought. Or else, one might end up with a ton of warm hoodies in the blazing sun temperatures.

Maintain periodical gaps between your shopping sprees and consider the time of the year. Based on the weather in the area you live in and your own personal preference of comfort, you can shop appropriately. For instance, in order to beat the summer heat waves, buying soft and cotton material tank tops or t-shirts is the best possible choice.

Size and shape
Plan before you shop - it helps when setting attainable fashion goals. For every shopping endeavor, considering the size and shape of your body is very important. Some basics of picking out ideal body-size clothes include -

  • Picking up styles and outfits that flatter your own particular body type instead of picking something that just looks good on a mannequin or in a picture.
  • If loose-fitting outfits are what you are after, there is a wide range of options for that as well. Just make sure that they are in tune with your attitude and style. They shouldn’t look shabby or forced.
  • If tight fit clothes are what you are after, they must be comfortable. It is not worth it to wear tight jeans that look great on the outside but feel extremely uncomfortable.
The occasion
Comfort is something that must be constant in all of your shopping picks. What varies is the occasion you will be wearing it for. If it’s for formal wear, make sure to consult the store expert on what the acceptable norms and trends are at that moment.

If you follow these basic guidelines and dress for yourself first and others later, picking out clothes will be a joyful ride!